Red Headed Wildflower

I posted on my new site today…This site will no longer exist, so I encourage all of you to go over to my new site and subscribe so you will get my daily emails of posts and any other news from yours truly. I am so excited that you all look at my blog, and hope to see you over there!!!

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What a beautiful day!

And of course I worked today. We did get to walk around outside today, and that was fun!! The husband drove me into work today and picked me up, so we go to go out to eat tonight to one of my favorite pizza shops in Tulsa! Tomorrow we are taking pictures of some kiddos, and I’m super excited! Hopefully it is a good day for happy babies!! Here is a picture of the Banana at the boy’s high school soccer game. She is so cute and had a great time with Aunt Kelly. Enjoy!

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It’s going to rain..

And with rain comes rainbows. When we were stuck downtown a few weeks ago during a storm we got to see this rainbow. I hope we get to see something good tonight!!

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My new site is almost finished!!

The husband and I have been working on another site for this blog…due to the fact that I can’t upload any more pictures!! Isn’t that crazy?! I have had this blog for a while now, and I am wanting it to get bigger and better. Continue reading

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My dogs swam today!

I love my babies, but they were never good swimmers, and in fact…..would never go in the water for me at all. I had to force them in the lake last year, and they both were not too sure about it. Today the husband and I took a photography trip. We got in the care and drove around Oklahoma. I love doing that. It’s kind of funny, because I remember my parents doing this when I was in high school on Sundays, and I hated it!!! I would beg them not to make me go, and they would make me do it anyway. It’s so funny how much you really end up like your parents……eww, I didn’t just say that, did I!?! I’m kidding…I like those kinds of days with Nick, and we had a lot of fun today. We just got in the car and drove around…finding random spots to take pictures and have an adventure. We went to a place called Blue Hole, which is a spring fed swimming hole that reminds me of the creeks and lakes back home in PA. It was beautiful. Most of the lakes here in Oklahoma are man-made and really gross….no offense native Oklahomans. Growing up with Ganoga lake at my disposal has definitely spoiled me rotten. This swimming hole is so pretty, and the water felt so nice. I didn’t swim, but we did walked in the water and the dogs came in as well!!! I was so excited that they did it without me pulling them in. They have an aversion to dirty Oklahoma lake/pond water, but nice spring water is worthy of them swimming in it. So here are a few pictures from our little adventure today. Enjoy!

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I love my Mom to pieces. I think I have posted on this before. She is the most wonderful person, and I love everything about her….even her ridiculousness at times. What can I say, I have those traits as well. I love my mom because no matter where I am….if I am sick, I still want her. I love her because she still lets me lay in her lap when I get home and scratches my back endlessly without complaining.  I love her because she had all four of us kids and loves us just the same, but individually as well. I love her, because she is just like me in multitasking…..While reading I can call her name…Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mother Dearest, Mom, Mom, Mom, Sharon B….”What.”–We are not very good at it as you can tell.  I love it when she actually calls me…which is rare, because I call her almost every day.  Being the baby has its perks and its disadvantages, but my relationship with my Mom has been the best part of it. I got her all to myself at the beginning when all the other kids went to elementary school, and then again when I was in high school and they were off to college. So we have a relationship all in its own category.

She is a great sister, aunt, Godmother, cousin, mother, Mimi, and friend to many people other than me. What a wonderful person to have as a mother, and I Thank God for her and the family that I have. I do wish I could be there with her today, and take her out to eat or cook her something, because I am actually a good cook!! So, in honor of Mother’s Day…here is a small montage of my Momma!

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No meat today

I haven’t had any meat today, and I must say I haven’t missed it. We’ll see how this goes. I’m going to say right now, I’m not strictly enforcing this as I am still going to eat chicken and eggs and possibly tuna…..and go from there. But I am trying to up my veggies and fruit while decreasing my crazy candy habit!!! I am tending to the husband again tonight, because he is sickies. I think he has a belly bug, which I am trying to avoid at the same time. I was going through photos today and deleting a bunch of old to give room for the new, and I came across this little lovely. I hope you like it. Enjoy!

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Interesting day…

People are funny…and so is this baby. I hope you all had a better day than I. Enjoy!

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Ranting will ensue…

I must say…I am sick of having to be politically correct all the time. I have people that I feel like I am always walking on egg shells around and I can’t ever say anything without being viewed as being mean or rude. Some people are just way too serious for me. For example, an article that I just saw today in the news about the Apache Tribe writing a letter to the President about the code name they used for Osama Bin Laden.  They used the code name Geronimo, which to my understanding is a prominent part of the Native American History.  They are asking for a formal apology for using the name Geronimo to describe Osama. Now, my first thought on this is…I don’t think President Obama is the one who even sets these names in the first place. Second, it is just a name. Being PC (politically correct) is so over rated and puts so much unnecessary stress on any situation. Now…don’t get it twisted. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be polite and respect other people and their lifestyles or anything of the sort, but I do think there is a line that has to be drawn here people. We are going to limit and censor ourselves as well as our children so much that they will not have choices to make for their own. That is an extreme, but I’m serious.

Another example of being PC and, in my opinion, being ridiculous, is the changing of mascots in schools. Really? Is that necessary? They can’t be Indians, or Quakers, or whatever else it is, because it offends someone. Silly. These schools have had these mascots for years….My thought is…You cannot make everyone happy. We are a diverse group of people that live in the U.S. and instead of limiting us to saying the right thing and only saying it this way, because someone will be offended…We should be honoring and celebrating the fact that we have the right of speech and our own opinions. Now, this is definitely not a black and white discussion. There is a lot of grey area in the topic, and I understand that. There are always extremes on either end…Just so we are clear…I am not saying I am right and whoever else is wrong, but this is my blog and I have it so that I can express my feelings and write it out, because sometimes….you just can’t tell people what you feel without a lot of drama and emotion attached to it. I try to be a good person…and I love to talk about things and hash out opinions while learning something new everyday from someone else and their views. I only hope we as a society are not going to continue to point fingers and make issues out of the littlest things while limiting ourselves and our children from experiencing and learning what is right and wrong for their individual selves with the right guidance…not just limitations. I kind of got off the subject, but there is my rant for the day.

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So sorry!

Having an Anna day yesterday made it impossible for me to take a second and write on here. We were busy bees…We went to the high school boys soccer game, and she stayed up super late compared to what she usually does. It’s taking me a lot longer to get around to writing today and I thought this picture was appropriate.

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