Puppies and Kitteh

This post is dedicated to the beautifulness that is my animals.

We will start with Sashimi. She is our ‘slut’ cat as we call her.  She loves men, and will only love on me whenever my husband is not around.  She is super infatuated with Nick which is really kind of gross at times–he gets freaked about her staring right into his face.  It seems she can just look at him for hours!!! Nonetheless, she is a beautiful kitteh! She had a son and his name was Oliver, which he got killed this past June…so you may see pictures of them together.  He was even prettier than she and I miss his masochistic ways so much! (That’s a-whole-nother post) Sashimi got her name, because before I met Nick I had a kitten that was named Sushi! She was the best kitty of all, and (sorry Sashimi) I miss her the most out of all the animals I have ever had.

Doug is our first puppy and I suppose I shouldn’t call him a puppy, because he is approximately 7 or 8 human years. In my first year of married life, my husband would leave me alone all the time when he would travel for work, so he told me I could get a good guard dog. A dog that would keep me company. I adopted him from a man in Claremore that found him roaming the land around his house. He was covered in ticks and super dirty according to the guy.  When I went to go see him for the first time, he was so scared he wouldn’t even come out of the corner.  He is still skittish and definitely loves to be in the background, but he is the alpha for sure.  What a beautiful border collie mix! Right?!  He herds anything and everything, and can give you a scary look at times, but he is such a lover! A shotgun pellet is healed over on his right ear from the abuse he endured before coming to us…how awful! He is special needs though.  Most people say that border collies are smart.  He is, but definitely not the pick of the litter.  Probably why he got abused, he is not a good listener and is very hard to train.  Most people say this breed should be very easy to train.  We stopped trying to train him, he just gets to do what he wants, which is stare at Sashimi and follow her in ever move that she makes–maybe getting a nip in on her when she jumps up or down off the couch! It’s funny. He is definitely not a guard dog, but he is the best ‘first’ dog we could have asked for.  Very low maintenance and super sweet.  How could anyone beat this doggie?! He is scared of everything that is pointed at him, so most of our pictures of him are through the door windows or done on the sly.

Now, onto my pride and joy! Molly!!!! Everyone loves my girl.  She is so beautiful! Part Australian Shepard and part Malamute, she has blueish green eyes that could melt your heart!  Another doggie that is smart, but definitely not the smartest pup! She is silly and loving and definitely most loyal to her master–which is me!  She is my lover and shadows every move I make.  I finally got to have her after I begged Nick for over a year for another puppy and showed him pictures of puppies from craigslist everyday! She was from a litter of 8 puppies and at a shelter in Prague, OK. Not the prettiest of the bunch, she was docile and let all the other puppies run her over and play on her.  We knew she would be perfect for Doug, because she wouldn’t be your typical rambunctious puppy. Boy, were we wrong.  She was a puppy alright! Here is a picture of her as a puppy and now.  She is our first official puppy since Douglas was technically an adult when we got him.

So there we are.  Our four-legged babies! Aren’t they gorgeous!!! Expect to see lots more pictures of my babies!

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