Battling work and play

I have a hard time doing this.  One would think that working only 3 days a week would give you plenty of time to play. Which it does, but as I get older (I’m a mere 27) I feel like going out takes more and more energy that I don’t have.  There are plenty of things to do in Tulsa, and having a husband that is in the music scene gives me many options when planning a night out.  Some of my favorite things anymore is to drive around and take pictures.  Nick is getting really good at it, but so good that he is critiquing every little thing! It kind of drives me nuts. This past week we had a wonderful date, which entailed going to Barnes and Noble and looking at all the wonderful books there! We didn’t even spend time next to each other, but it was a wonderful date none the less. Another great thing is having friends over for food and games! This is something that I love to do, but rarely do we find friends that can plan the same nights we have open.

So, back to work.  I love my job and the people that I work with, but sometimes it gets tiring.  Today I worked, and had a great day.  Most of my days are great, but I reflect on the patients that I’ve had and their daily struggles and it most definitely gets me down some days.  I try to think positively and create good energy for myself and the people that surround me. It seems to work for me.  I think everyone should make it a goal for themselves to balance work and play in a way that makes them happy.  One of my coworkers, who is older than me and has kids my age, once said that they NEVER let work get in the way of their days off.  Work is merely a means to an end, and at the end of the road it is really friends and family that matter…..I couldn’t agree more.  So this post today is just to reflect that even though days can be long and hard….Always keep your head held high and your mind in a positive train of thought.  Making time for your spouse is important and even simple things as a nightly drive around town to a place you have never seen can be as fulfilling as a date night to the most expensive of places.

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