emotional days

Have you ever had one? I think that is a silly questions, because most people not only but especially women have definitely had a day like mine.  If you know me personally than you know that I am an emotion driven person.  I am very in tune with my emotions and most times let them get the best of me.  My siblings make fun of me, because I cried more than any person should growing up.  I think I got all the emotions for all of us kids and then some! As an adult I have learned to get a thicker skin or at least hold them in until I get home, so I think I am doing much better with my silliness.  But today is just one of those days, and when I get emotional about one thing it makes me think about all the other things in life that could possibly get me crying. I’m silly I tell you.

What does one do when they are an emotional wreck? For me, I find that I eat, sleep, write, or listen to music. Today I am writing later, after I slept, and it is helping me get through the day or at least reflect on the day.  I am emotional today for really no reason. I burst into tears as I drove my niece around today–I don’t know why.  My husband is out of town, and that definitely doesn’t help. So, tonight I have been browsing through some sites and listening to some music.  Here is a song/video that always makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too!

We got to see this band at ACL this past weekend.  Love it!


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One Response to emotional days

  1. michelle holt says:

    I can relate to this 100%. I figure I get about 2 good weeks a month. when you figure in my period, and dont forget the pms that comes atleast a week prior! and just the stresses that everyday life bring to the table. Most of the time I feel like a complete basket case. So, when those 2 good weeks come, I bask in them:)

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