puppy love

Our pups are so sweet, but they don’t always get along.  Doug is an old man and Molly is just a sweet little puppy, so she annoys the old man quite often.  There aren’t many instances that Doug shows his love for his sister, but today it happened! Molly and Douglas are together all day long and she follows his every move, so one can understand why he is so grumpy all the time.  Doug is a growler and he often sends his love growls towards Molly-moo. That being said, these 2 pups are best friends in every way and usually it is Molly who lets me know when Doug needs to go out or really needs anything at all.  My dogs talk to me. I know it sounds weird, but I said it. They TALK. It could be a look or a little noise, but Molly especially tells me her every need. I was such an attentive mommy and trained Molly so well that she is so easy to read.

Doug on the other hand is what we call our “special needs” doggie.  He was abused and we got him when he was much older, so training him was not our priority.  He is smart, but stupid. If that makes sense.  We love him nonetheless and he has been such a good puppy.  Our main problem with him is that he can only eat one type of food and no treats or its bad news for him and us.  If he gets into anything you will be able to hear his stomach turning from across the room.  I am not exaggerating. Doug is also a herder. Being a collie means he should have been a farm dog and he loves to herd animals.  He herds anything that moves really…babies, cats, vacuum cleaners, and lawnmowers. Really, anything.  When he hears a lawnmower he goes into herding mode, but that is another post and since my husband took the camera I can’t video it for you.  That will come later.

So, Molly is usually the one telling us things and letting us know when he needs to go out or if he’s stuck somewhere. But today Molly got shut into the master bathroom.  She follows you everywhere you go, and does it silently so this happens more times than not.  When I have my niece I really try to shut the doors so she can’t get into anything.  Anyway, Doug was being overly lovey and putting his head on my lap.  I couldn’t figure it out. I was letting him out and he would just look at the door like “um that’s not what I need.”  He barked and led me to the bathroom.  What a smart doggie!! I just needed to share this loving moment from this morning. I love my babies, and they obviously love each other!! Now, it is really hard to get a picture of Doug, because he is scared of everything.  Anything you point at him, which is sad but I think part of the abuse he endured. So, here is some pictures of them both. If you notice most are taken through the door, because he doesn’t know we are taking his picture.

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3 Responses to puppy love

  1. Callie says:

    We love Doug & Molly SO much! They are the best dogs! We need to have a puppy play date when we get back!
    PS Doug also herds Jax! Lol

  2. Lindsay says:

    I love your doggies!

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