Traveling man

I am home alone as my husband does have to travel from time to time for his work.  I am super spoiled in the fact that when I am home, which is 4 days out of the week, my husband is home mostly as well.  He has the luxury of being able to work from home and stay all day in his underwear if he so chooses.  I don’t always know if that is a good thing, because most days he does! ha I’m kidding (he will kill me for saying that!). I for one do not know if I would be able to work from home just for that very reason.  My days off are usually spent lying around and running errands, so if I could pick and choose which days out of 7 to do errands I might never do them.  I do get the joy of watching my niece twice a week, so those days I am usually catching up on sleep while she sleeps.  Not such a good habit to get into.  It would be hard for me to get the discipline to work from home, and although I know I could hand it….it would take some down right discipline! So I give all you working Mommas credit….Being with your babies and trying to juggle a business is tough!

But, back to my post.  I am a lucky wife in the fact that I get to see my husband almost every second of every day that I am home.  He does travel, but not like some men who live out of a suitcase.  We have an amazing relationship, which some people might call weird or unhealthy, because we still act as if our time together is so new.  We call each other often throughout the day, and constantly remind one another that we love or miss the other.  It is something that we have always done, and I hope will continue forever. This trip is a little different in the fact that we just took a vacation together down in Austin, and had such a great time! We drove (or should I say….he drove) the 8 long hours home only to turn around the next day so he could travel 19 hours with his Dad to market for his real job! Not only is he that far away, but he is going to be gone over a week.  I am not usually this needy when he goes away, but I miss him a lot. I don’t know why?! Silly girl. I’m blaming it on him having the camera! Camera hog….

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