Eddie or Nigel…

So, today I went to return my redbox movies at the gas station by my house, and I was bombarded by a window washer who asked “do you want a kitty?” How do these people find me? Do I have sign above my head that says SUCKER?! I could not leave this sweet little kitty there, because as soon as I picked him up from behind the trash can he started purring like he was waiting for me all his little life. I put him on my lap and he laid there without moving while I drove him back to the house. Of course the husband was not thrilled, but he did laugh when I walked in with this precious little kitten.  I think it was a laughter with the hint of…I’m going to kill you under his breath, but nevertheless it was laughter.

So, here we are….trying to find this wonderful kitty a home.  Our other cat is named Sashimi, so to keep it in the theme of sushi we temporarily named this kitty Edemame or Eddie for short.  The guy that gave this precious kitty to me was named Nigel, so there is that option as well, which I like. So the jury is out on the name, but Nick thought of Eddie for short, so I’ll stick with that for now.  If there is anyone out there that would like a new kitty that loves to snuggle and  purrs like crazy. He is all yours.  I will spay him for you if you can’t afford it, and I will set you up with food and what not. He would be a great shop kitty or an outside kitty if that’s what you need.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you would like him!

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