Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is a special day.  Not only because it is my Momma’s birthday, but because….. well…..it’s my Mom’s BIRTHDAY!!

I would not be the woman I am today without her guidance and support throughout the years. I am very lucky to have her around, and actually Thank God every day that I am able to have the relationship that I do with her. I have already dedicated a post to my Momma, but there is so much more I could say and I will in due time.

Today I was thinking about what it takes to be a Mother? In the most simplistic explanation possible…I can only say it from a child’s perspective that I feel it takes unconditional and unfathomable love to be a mother. There is so much sacrificed, and I hope my Mom knows how much I appreciate all that she gave up just to raise us.  I think it is a love that no one can measure or palpate, but love that is always there. This love is what keeps her going when you make her so mad she could cry…which I did more than once. I can not for the life of me think of why she was so patient when I was young. I was not an easy child. You all might think I was so perfect:) Atleast I will tell myself that……But I was not easy to get along with through my teenage years, and my Mom stuck through it. She never did hate me or atleast let me know she hated me during those times….which I would not blame her a bit if she did. I was a pusher of buttons, a tester of waters, and worst of all a redheaded last child!


And although I am not there to spend the day with her and make it special, I am thinking of her on her birthday. And I am counting the days until she comes out to visit again!

With all that said….Anna and Auntie Kelly had a surprise for Mimi today on her birthday. Enjoy!


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