Cowboy boots or bust!

I have been really interested in buying cowboy boots for a few weeks now.  For those that know me personally know that when I want something I am usually engulfed in the idea of it until I get what I want.  So, that being said I have been looking at cowboy boots for a few weeks, and I cannot decide which ones to get! It is an expensive purchase, because the cheapest ones I have found that I like are around $170 and of course the ones that I LOVELOVELOVE!!! are $350. Which of course I do not want to spend on boots right now.  I have been dragging my poor husband to every shop that has boots and trying every single pair on.  Who knew there would be sooooooooo many choices! Living in Oklahoma for over 5 years now I feel it is my duty to own at least one pair of boots. Don’t you think?!


Here are just a few choices, but none that I would choose for myself.  I will keep you all posted on the ones I finally choose! This is just one dilemma I am going through at the moment, and hopefully this one will be resolved by next week!

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