Have you ever…

felt lonely even though you were surrounded by people?

I am going to try and post something in my new “have you ever” category once a week.  I feel like this blog is mostly about my hobby of photography and eventually I will post on my sewing projects and whatnot, but I want this blog to be where I can get out some of my thoughts as well.  And sometimes they are sad or negative, ok?!…but I will try to keep this category mostly positive!  And I always love suggestions…so leave me comments…let me know what you think or give me ideas:)

So we will start out with a debbie downer subject….Have you ever felt lonely when you were surrounded by others?  I feel like this is so common, and it makes me even more sad that there are people around feeling the same way I do at times.  I know I am loved, and maybe some people don’t know that for a fact, and my only hope is that they have an outlet or some sort of support. I have had some things said to me this week by friends, patients, husbands, family, everyone it seems…that made me think again about who I am and how I handle things.  I am by no means 100% perfect. Lets just get that on the table right now. But I pride myself in being pretty diplomatic, although I guess this week many have told me I am not. So, it has made me reevaluate the way I think about things and react to them.  Has it changed me? I don’t know, but it has definitely made it rough for me this week emotionally.  So, for those that read this from time to time…Am I the only one that sometimes feels lonely in a group of people? I feel like this is a super awful way to feel, and if any of my friends ever feel this way…I hope you feel like you can come to me and tell me…because I love giving hugs! or listening….or crying with you…or for you….or just crying…you all know I am a crier!

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