I am addicted.

Point blank. I am addicted to white trash. For those of you here in Oklahoma it is called puppy chow, but for everyone else that I know and grew up with….it is called white trash. My grandmother started calling it that because it is white in color and trash for your teeth.  My sister and her husband have this rule that we are only allowed to make it from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. Otherwise, we would be eating it all year round. Like I said to my husband yesterday…I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of my life and be happy.  There is no getting sick of this stuff! You can take a break from it, but then you crave it!!!!

So, I gave the recipe to my good friend Michelle a few weeks ago, and I then had to make it early….for which my sister scolded me. So now I am continually craving it!! And my trainer Alana will have my booty this week for making more!!! But I had to make it and take pictures while I made it, so I could share it with all of you!

Here are all the ingredients you need….so simple! It is one box of Chex (Rice or Corn..your call, I have done both) for one bag of Milk Chocolate chips….

You melt the chocolate chips over low heat and then add a scoop of the peanut butter of your choice…I really like the reese’s kind, because it is REESE’S!! But any peanut butter will do…and you can add more or less according to what you like.

Then you poor the Chex into a bowl…I split my box in half and do 2 batches of it. Cover half the box with half of your melted concoction.  Make sure you cover it as much as you can…and add more chocolate or chex if you need.

This is the fun step….and you may need some help with this…add some powdered sugar to a big ziploc bag and then your chocolate covered chex….seal the bag….

SEAL THE BAG….I say this in caps because the husband and I made this once in his apartment when we were just dating, and he was helping….he didn’t seal the bag, and shook it upside down!!! Needless to say…it was a mess. 🙂

Shake it until it is covered in powdered sugar and you can add more or less depending on what you like….I like more…my sister likes less…Repeat these steps one more time and you have a full batch of White Trash….Enjoy!!!

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