Leash law smeesh law…

I live on a golf course and occasionally we walk our dogs around the back nine.  Of course not when golfers are playing and only later in the evening.  Now, the back nine that we live on is closed for maintenance I guess, for which I have yet to see anyone out there working.  They are not even putting the flags out on the greens.  I must say I have walked my dogs out there numerous times…too many to count! And on Sunday the husband and I were walking the pups and took them off the leash.  Now for those of you that know my dogs…you know they are the most harmless doggies of all time.  And for those of you that don’t know them…can tell by their pictures. They are the sweetest and most docile dogs alive. That being said.  We are trying to train them to follow commands immediately…not the 4th or 5th time I say it.  We were walking…minding our own business in the middle of the fairway…NOT near anyones house, and a woman comes out on her porch while her dogs start to bark at our dogs….”You dooooooooooo know there is a leeeeeeeaaaash law in Owasso, right?!!! I’m gonna call Animal Controoooooooollllllll!!! It is $1000 fine for EEEEEEEEACH dog!!!! blah de dah blah blah blah blah de dah blah CALL THE COPPPPSS bleh de blah” It was windy and we were far away.

My response: “Hi! oh yes, THANK YOU!!” with a continuous wave. Nick’s response “OH YEEAH THANKS!! Good luck getting them to answer! sure, OK!”  with a wave as well. We have gone through this before….with multiple stray kitties…loose dogs…we call Animal Control which after hours will go to the Owasso Police, leave a message, and wait…..FOREVER!! Because they will never call you back. Ever. It’s a fact people.

Now, I was having a wonderful walk with my lovers, and this lady just ruined it.  She put me in such a bad mood that I had to vent the whole walk about her instead of just enjoying the nice night. What a “bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.” I’m working on my swearing, can’t you tell? She not only had 4 or so animals…which is so not allowed in our housing covenants, but she had a huuuuuuge pitbull that probably never gets to go off the leash or go out of the fenced in yard…and you know how I know that? That dog is probably 15 pounds overweight, and it’s owner was atleast 90 pounds as well.  Which…I have no room to talk…but still. I would never go out of my way to yell at someone that was on public property and was not harming me or anyone else! There was not another soul out on the golf course. Not a soul.

Now tonight, the husband is gone and I am walking the pups alone….on the golf course…off the leash. I refuse to let people get me down! Again, there is no one on the course, and the good neighbor I am…I go the opposite way to avoid contact with this woman again.  We get halfway around…..and here comes a man with this big pitbull….Who do you think it was? But the woman’s husband and their mean pitbull.  I’m sure this woman sent out her husband, because she saw me walking the dogs again in hopes that we would confront each other.  But he hung back too far, and I wasn’t going out of my way to get into a confrontation with a man and his pitbull without my husband there. What do you think she was really wanting to happen? I can only imagine with her negativity, but I quickly b-lined it home and we are safe and sound.  People amaze me.  Just another of my crazy encounters.

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2 Responses to Leash law smeesh law…

  1. seedavis says:

    I’m usually a hard-bleeeep (I’m working on my cussing, too) when it comes to leashes and dogs, but I’m also reasonable. Having lived on a golf course before, I can understand the situation pretty well, I think.

    Obviously, though I don’t know your dogs, if they are small and mostly harmless, it shouldn’t be a “real” issue. I think you have a right to be upset, but don’t let that “bleeeep” get to you.

    Even in public situations, I rarely speak out to people about their off-leash dogs unless it’s a situation where either the dog is pretty big or intimidating, or it’s an obvious problem with our (on-leash) hounds.

    The world would be a better place if people thought twice about talking bleeeeep.

  2. Kelly says:

    agreed…and Thank you!

    My dogs are sweet…but who doesn’t think their dogs are sweet?? ha For real though, they are harmless, and in this situation my dogs were no where near this woman’s house or dogs. I respect other people and their beliefs as well as their property…..but I must say, I have never felt an urge to yell at other adults about what I think they are doing wrong or threaten them with the cops. That is what my blog is for…:)

    I can understand respecting the law. I do take my dogs to the dog park, and walk them on the leash as well as off at times. I also never take them off unless I feel we are in a somewhat enclosed area where other people are not around…which we were. I could understand her yelling if my dogs were pooping on her lawn or tormenting her dogs, but that was not the case. This lady just must have had a bad day. I’ll hope that was it, and it’s not that she always has that stick up her bllleeeepppity bleeping bleep. 🙂

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