Have you ever…

been to a store…walked in after parking your car correctly in the space with lots of space between you and the other cars….Only to come out and see a HUGE dent in the side of your car?! I am so mad!!!!!! to say the least.  Not only do I have a dent, the person who did it was in the process of leaving when we got to our car and sped off.  This is not a scratch.  Not a small nik…it is a pretty big dent.  You would think by the looks of it that a 300 lb man slammed the door into my car, but instead it was a younger woman.

I just want to say…I get it. I have done it before, but I stayed to say I am sorry. And!!! I don’t think I have ever left a dent this big! My car is not my pride and joy, but still…this does bother me a little…obviously. I would hope that all of you would stop and leave a note if you were in a hurry, or stay and apologize.  Just saying!

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