Our pass is reserved for next year! I’m excited.  For those of you that do not know…My husband is in a band, and they have been able to play many festivals around the area. Wakarusa takes place on the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, and it is such a beautiful setting. Hopefully they will get the chance to play again this year, as many people have talked about their set, and how much they enjoyed it.  His band has competed in the Waka Winter Classic, which is a battle of the bands in many different local spots in the region.  Wakarusa sponsors this and tours to each city allowing the winner of these competitions to play a slot during Wakarusa the next year. His band has won the last two years. This has allowed us to go to the festival and really enjoy the setting.  A lot of national acts come out to this festival, and it is such a variety of music. That is why I love it!

Wakarusa was the first camping music festival that I ever attended, and I absolutely fell in love with the festival atmosphere! There is another festival that takes place at the same grounds during the fall season called Mulberry Mountain Festival.  It is sponsored by Yonder Mountain String Band, and I have heard it is even more amazing due to its smaller size and better weather. Unfortunately the husband usually has to go away for business at that time during the year, so we have not been able to experience this great festival yet.

Here are some pictures from past Wakas…I’m starting my countdown. Enjoy!

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