All I want for Christmas…

Is my very own camera! 🙂 I know it is a long shot, and even very wishful thinking, but I have learned that I love this little hobby of ours.  I think it is a lot of fun to capture moments, and be creative with them.  I have kind of stolen my husbands hobby, and taken it for my own. But I don’t think he minds that much.  He is good at pretty much everything he chooses, so sharing this little bit of photography fun with me isn’t too much to ask…..most of the time.

It would just be so much more fun if we both had cameras.  Instead of having to pass it back and forth and yell at each other when we don’t see the shot the way the other one sees it.  I would have to say that those are most of our fights when we go out to shoot something or someone. So….I said it. I want a camera. Or as he says…he wants a new camera so I can have his one that he has now.  How nice of him.

Here is the camera we want. It is such a beauty!!!


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