What does that word mean? I think it is very rare in this day in age with the generation I am a part of.  I think that is one of my best qualities, but not everyone is loyal or thinks of it with as much importance as I or my husband does.   Loyalty among friends is hard to find….and I only have very few loyal friends if any.  I feel like family is the most definite thing to loyal, but even then…..in my family it is not always present.  I definitely have not been loyal at times as my younger self ie. tattling on my brothers or my sister.

*Side Note*

*I must tell you Katies favorite story of my most un-loyal moment. My sister as a teenager was plagued to babysit her most annoying little sister the night of New Years Eve. My parents made her do it, and she was mad! They went to have a night with friends, and my sister had a great idea of taking me to my friends house about 15 minutes away, so that she could go to a party.  In her haste she took a turn too fast on a gravel road, and swiped a guardrail….and damaged the left front panel of my Dads truck.  We were up on 2 wheels people…Lucky to be alive! She made up a story that because it was raining she swiped the rock pillar in the driveway instead.  There were no marks on the pillar, but my parents being so naive…bought it. Fast forward many years…My sister is in college and I am in 6th grade maybe.  I must have learned the word “hypothetically” that week for spelling.  I sat in the kitchen saying. “Mom, hypothetically….the night that you had Katie watch me and she wrecked the truck….what if….hypothetically…..she didn’t really wreck it in the driveway…she was taking me to Kate and Beckys house so she could go to a party….hypothetically…would she get in trouble??? hypothetically?”  Needless to say. She did get in trouble, and makes fun of me to this day about it. hypothetically.*

Ok back to loyalty…after you must be laughing, because that is a true story. Hypothetically speaking.  Anyway…I think loyalty is something that should be celebrated and held high on your standards for a good friend or spouse.  I try to be very loyal and consistent with my friends and family, but I too struggle with it at times.  Girls like to gossip…ok?! I’m not saying it is right, and I try not to do it if I can help it. It has come to my attention in the past few years how many people that are present in my life..either hold that as an important virtue or do not. And those that do not…are not very active or present in my life if I can help it.  I guess the moral of this story is….be loyal.  I will forever have respect for you if you are.  I try to be loyal and truthful, which I believe go hand in hand….and I just want you to know that if you are my friend.

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