Christmas time oh Christmas time…

I kind of hate Christmas as an adult.  It gets more and more disturbing every year, because you will be walking through Wally world in July and they will start to put Christmas crap up.  I for one, love the holidays….don’t get me wrong.  But, I do not like Christmas all year round.  It is hard to be away from family during the holidays, and my family comes to me.  I think once we have kids it might get to be more fun, because you will get to experience it through their eyes. But until then…it’s annoying. Everywhere is super busy….I can never decide who to get gifts for and who not….I try to send out my holiday cards earlier every year, but I never get them all out in time.  It is just overall pretty stressful, and I don’t even have any kids!!! I can only imagine having to get super cool gifts and hiding them from them.  I don’t think I could do it.  I am a person who when I get something good for someone else….I can not wait to give it to them!!! It is like burning a hole in my mind until they get their awesome gift!!!

I must say…I do enjoy the actual holiday, but the days leading up to are kinda crazy.  If I forgot to send you a holiday card….I’m sorry…doesn’t mean I don’t love you!!! I probably just forgot, so forgive me please.

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