Is the first music festival that I ever attended.  I was there the last year they were in Kansas, and now they moved to Arkansas at Mulberry Mountain.  I love it.  Every year has brought me new experiences and meetings with interesting and new people.  I love going and always have an amazing time! They just released the initial lineup for this year, and I am super excited…There are plenty of different acts that could and should appeal to just about everyone.  Every year we have gone, we have been associated with a band that is playing.  Whether it was a good friends band or the husbands own band.  The husbands band competed the last two years at a “battle of bands” of sorts to win a slot and play at this festival.  This year they are not competing in hopes to still play, but to give the opportunity to someone new.  We bought our tickets already, so it doesn’t matter either way. We are going:). But it is always fun to watch them play there. Last year even with an early time slot…they pulled a pretty good crowd and of course in my opinion (I’m not biased at all:)) put a good start to the festival on Thursday.

Here is the first announcement of the lineup for this year….I cannot wait!!

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