I love etsy.

It is a fact. I could browse on it for hours on end and find many… many. many! things that I would like to buy or make myself.  I often find myself saying….why didn’t I think of that?! It is so simple and so awesome…I could sell lots of those!! I am a crafty girl.  I can usually figure it out, and make something all my own.  But there is something about all the things on this site.  It seems everyone has a passion for what they are making, and I just love that.

For those of you that don’t know what etsy is….. go to the site and browse the products. It is a site based on the only fact that people can list their homemade goods.  Whatever it may be…there is a category for everything! I have a shop and soon I will actually have things listed.  🙂 But that is a later post.

Here is one of my favorite shops on etsy.  I just love all the jewelry that you can look at and the variety on this site. Enjoy!

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