My sister and her husband left for their vacation in Jamaica with friends, and I am sooooooooo jealous!!!! I have not been to the beach in 4 years now, and I miss it tremendously! Mom Mom Schlichter (Katie’s Mother-in-law) is here to have one on one time with the banana, so I don’t even get to keep her the whole time.  I guess I do get her the most, so it’s ok. Jamaica!!! I am super mad that I’m not there.  Instead I am working 4 days in a row and going to Las Vegas on Saturday.  Yes, one would say that is a vacation…but really….not really. Las Vegas is not relaxing at all…

I am full of complaints today! Goodness.  I am excited to have the time off from work.  Two more 12 hour days of work left and I’m off until next Thursday. Now…I am going to post a picture of my favorite girl…..and make the husband rub my feet.  Enjoy!

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