It is so good.  I love it. Everyone that knows me….knows how much I love my sleep.  But there is a difference in kinds of sleep. I don’t like to go to sleep early. But I do love to sleep in. Sleeping in on a Sunday is much better than sleeping in during the week. Naps are great, and I am for everyone taking a little nap every day. I think it’s deserved.

It is quite funny to hear people when they leave me a voicemail at 11am or close to it. They often start by saying….’I hope you’re awake…it’s almost noon and I know you like to sleep in you youngin.’ I do like to sleep in, but I don’t get to do that everyday! I have to be to work very early, and now that I get to watch Anna during the week I wake up much earlier than I would if not.  She comes early and I wake up just as she gets here. I love having her in the morning to wake me up, because it makes my day go so much better. That baby is such a sweet girl. Here is another picture of her and I napping together. This is really rare! Enjoy.

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