I have many….but I must say my biggest phobia is getting older.  I know….I should relish in the joy of it, but I must say I hate it.  Now, this does not ring true for everyone, and some of you might start thinking I am crazy…but I HATE getting older. It makes me sad. I don’t have a specific age I liked the most or want to stay at. I just don’t like seeing milestones pass me by.  Family getting older is sad….Anna getting older is sad, but exciting.  See…I’m inconsistent with it at times.  The only thing I know for sure….is I hate to get older myself. Here is a picture of a time when I’m sure I never cared about anything but having fun! Enjoy.

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2 Responses to phobias

  1. callie anne says:

    anna looks EXACTLY your baby pic!! are you sure she’s not yours?!?

  2. Kelly says:

    I wish she was….she’s such a cutie:)

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