Fun in the SNOW!!!

I have Anna for the next couple nights possibly, and I told Mimi Little that I would get some pictures of her in the snow.  It was interesting to see her reaction.  She had a lot of fun.  And because it hardly ever snows here in Tulsa we don’t have a snow suit for her. So I bundled her in like 6 different layers, and she couldn’t move. She looks like the kid from A Christmas Story!! We went next door to our neighbors house…They have a boy named Samuel who is only 1 day older than her.  So you will see her saying hello to him through the door. Notice in those pictures the mound of snow that Nick is standing on! I cannot tell how much snow we’ve gotten, but the drifts are sooooooo high!!! Anna loves her car seat and you can see we found her this morning just lounging in it while watching the puppies and the snow fall through the front door. My wonderful husband was sure to try and get my car out of the garage, because I need to go to work on Thursday. Well…’s stuck. So we will see if I can get out on Thursday.  What else is there? Molly loved the snow, but I’m sure you noticed our other dog Doug was not there. He didn’t want to come out in the snow.  He is snuggled by our fireplace and happy to be there! Anna had a good time….She laughed and giggled but by the end though…you can tell she was ready to come in…and then of course to end it all….Those rosy red cheeks! Love this baby! Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Fun in the SNOW!!!

  1. Lyc says:

    Great pics Kel!!!!!! I miss u

  2. Kim Pauling says:

    Awesome pics!! She is sooo cute!!

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