The Little Grandparents.

I’ve done posts on Gram B and Granddaddy, so it is time now to write about Pop and Gram Little.  It has been hard not being home for holidays and seeing them every year, but I know they cherish the moments that we are home and come to visit…as do I.  I feel blessed in the fact that Nick has gotten to meet both of them, and that I get to see them when I come home. Being that I am the shortest in my family…I feel a kindred spirit with Gram, because I think I got that gene from her.

I have been obsessed with memories lately and one of my favorite memories of Gram Little is how she would always have orange slices in this one jar at her house. And of course her oatmeal cookies! One of my favorite memories of Pop is hunting up at the cabin and getting my first and only buck with him. Another good one of Pop is when we were up at the lake he would come early in the morning and swim across.  Their nickname for me was Tinkerbell. Of course our Christmas tradition together as a family is something I miss being down here in Oklahoma.  It is sad for me being so far away, but we had a great visit last time we were home, and I got some good pictures of them both with Anna. Here are some old and new ones.  This is a longer one….Enjoy!

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