My husband is great…

I have been waiting for Valentine’s Day.  I hope everyone is having a great day today with whom ever it is that they love.  I wish I could be wherever you are and hug you all, because if you are reading this….you most likely are my friend one way or another. Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers, because it lets you say to the other person….I love our relationship-I love you. Some cynical people say it’s a made up holiday, but who cares?! Love is the core of everything.  I think love and understanding are such blessings, and to celebrate that today is something wonderful.

The husband and I don’t really go crazy on this day, but he usually does something super creative and sweet being that he is both of those things.  I got woken up with a kiss and a Happy Valentine’s day.  When I went into the kitchen our table was full of different pictures printed out saying of course…..he loves me and he made a heart in the snow and colored it with sprinkles…took a picture and made a collage.  He had roses laid all over the table as well.  I love this man…. Anyway, that was my day.  I hope you all have something wonderful happen to you today…even if it is just a kiss and a hug with an ‘I love you.’ It all is meaningful.  We are also going out to dinner, and acting like adults with a reservation at a nice restaurant tonight…so fun! Of course the banana is my real valentine, and I got her something super cute for her second Valentine’s day.  I get to have her overnight again tomorrow, because I’m going through withdrawal.  I had her for almost the entire week last week and the week before, so I told my sister I needed another overnight. The husband is gone, so it will just be Aunt Kelly and Anna time! So today, because it is a great day and very sunny outside in Oklahoma…I’m going to post my heart in the snow and one of my favorite pictures of my girl….Love you guys!

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