I love kitties!!!

Anyone that knows me….knows that I love kitties. I love them so much that I would take in almost any stray kitty that I see.  I have brought home at least 3 kitties in the 6 years that I’ve been here in Oklahoma, and my husband is ever so sweet about it.  But I do find them good homes, and with that I find myself wanting more and more animals for myself. We have 2 dogs and a kitty, and if it were my decision….we would have atleast 2 more kitties.  Last summer we had a traumatic death of our other kitty, and ever since then the husband has sworn that we are never getting any more animals.  Plus….he made me sign a contract when we got Molly our last puppy. Yes. He did. You might all be laughing…and in fact you should be….It says that I will not bring home or pester him to get any more animals until at least 2 of our animals die.  Some might think this a cruel thing to make a contract for, but I can understand where he is coming from.  Because again….I would have all the kitties in the world living at our house.  So now that we only have 3 animals, because of Oliver’s (the kitty that died on our front porch last year) untimely death, I only have to wait for 1 more animal to die to get a new one. Now….I don’t want any of my pets to die. Lets get that straight…I love them all to pieces. They are my babies!

So anyway, I was looking through the old pictures again, and found the first documented photo I think of me with a kitty. I think this one is Snowball…we had 2 white kitties and they were Snowflake and Snowball, so I would have no clue which one this is. Nonetheless, you can see how I was carrying it.  When I was little…..I tortured kitties.  I would swing them around by their tail, and squeeze them so hard. I’m sure it was awful, but I didn’t know that it hurt them!! I swear!!! Anyway, here are the pictures I found that had me and the kitties in them.  The one grey and white kitty….I don’t remember at all. And the dog in the picture is Nipper….the only dog I ever had growing up. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to I love kitties!!!

  1. Nick Bernson says:

    Great post! Love you

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