Do people really change?

The answer to that is mostly…no. I have been chatting up with several people from high school and college, and it seems to me that some people really don’t change much.  Of course we all grow up and hopefully become better people and more productive, but for some reason it became evident to me….the people that have disappointed in the past….are surely to disappoint in the present and future. That is why those people have not been a part of your life throughout.

It is definitely fun to reminisce about the past and how things were in high school. Now, I know that high school was not so fun for everyone, but for me…it was a blast.  Of course it was tortuous and I thought life was going to end almost every day…at every little fight with friends or my boyfriend at the time, but all in all…growing up in the small town that I did was a blessing. I could never imagine graduating in a class of 5,000 kids like the husband had. Never. The schools here are just craziness to me, and if we ever have kids…we definitely will be moving elsewhere. Anyway, I was just thinking about how people are and how I hope that although other people may have not changed…I certainly have. I think….I am always striving to become a better person and learn from my experiences and that is one thing I think I am good at….learning.  I love to learn something everyday.  That is what makes life interesting….even if it is just a reminder of something you have learned in the past. ‘The day you stop learning is the day you die’ is one of my Dads favorite quotes.  It is a good one….I have to admit that.

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One Response to Do people really change?

  1. Tyler says:

    That’s so true! Some people just don’t change no matter what… I think change is almost always good. Learning new things and improving your life is crucial. Some people are just too scared or comfortable I think.

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