I used to wear my bathing suit

to everything.  I posted my favorite picture of me as a child on facebook and one of my many Aunts mentioned my bathing suit obsession.  So, it is time to post some of the pictures of me in my many bathing suits. I used to wear it under my school uniform…I wore it in the winter, at family outings, to church. You name it…I probably wore it there. I ran around in a bathing suit 24/7.  Either that or I was running around naked.  We have a hilarious family video of us kids saying Merry Christmas to my Great Grammy….and in it…I am in my underwear only.  My Mom made the comment “As you can see Grammy, I cannot keep clothes on this girl!” There are a lot of other funny moments in that video…but that will be another post. Anyway, I was a fish when I was little….I loved to swim and would beg my parents to take me swimming all year round.  Being that we lived in a small town, we definitely didn’t have an indoor pool anywhere. I remember one of my Dad’s favorite stories to tell is the one where I begged and begged for him to take me swimming in November.  He finally took me on a walk up to the Dam in Benton and said “See! It is way too cold to go swimming….we are all going to just have a picnic here and enjoy it.” Before my parents knew it they lost sight of me while we were eating and I was down at the water disrobing and jumping into the water!!! I was crazy.  I can remember when my older siblings were getting swimming lessons…my Mom would be with me in the deep end swimming. I loved swimming and if I had my choice…I would be in the water all the time. I was a lifeguard in high school and college along with ice cream shop job and babysitting.  I loved it all…staying busy and having no worries.  Where did that time go?! Anyway, without further ado….Here I am with my many bathing suits! Enjoy.

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