I miss this kitty…

Eddie was a great kitty, and we found him a great home, but after looking at old pictures of him and Molly….I miss him.  I also was looking at pictures of Oliver….I need a special kitty of my own.  Sashimi, our current kitty is such a snob, and super sneaky.  She only likes to drink out of MY water-glass, and will lay with you until she thinks you are asleep…She then slowly creeps up to the glass and drinks out of it!!! It makes me sooooooooooooooooo mad.  I mean it.  She also…only loves on me when the husband is not home, because she is really his kitty. Literally…she will snug and lay, and as soon as she hears his car door shut she bolts.  She loves boys and especially the husband. What a little brat.  I love her…don’t get me wrong, but she is such a sneaky little girl, and only snuggles on her time.  Eddie on the other hand…snuggled 100% of the time, and loved on everyone…no discriminating.  Oliver was a lover as well, and would snug for hours…..so I guess it’s time for me to beg the husband for a new kitty. He’ll be thrilled to pieces….:)

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