Ash Wednesday

We had a great day at mass today, and then relaxing.  Anna took a 4 hour nap today with me and that gave me time to recover from last night. The Pioneer Woman had a book signing last night, and I was there forever!!! I will never do that again. Just to let you know.  I love her, but that was a long wait.  I felt so bad for her…having to sign over 700 books and meet that many people, all while smiling.  I had a good time though with my girlfriend and we had some beer while waiting, so needless to say….I was hurting a little this morning. I’m so old. Another reason to show that I am getting old….The husband and I went to urgent care for our knees….. Tendonitis in both knees.  Stay off of them and take a steroid.  What the heck!!!! I am just getting started back up into running, but I don’t think that will happen now.  Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Ok well here is a picture of that good little baby with ashes on her head.  She didn’t make a peep during mass and just looked at the priest when he put ashes on her head.  What a good little girl. Enjoy!

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