A lot of cool stuff happened today…

We went and surveyed the land…the calm before the storm it felt like.  There was no one there and we got right to planning. Although most things are set….Easter Island Festival is only 2 weeks away!! I am super excited and I hope you all are too!! Again, I wish you all could be a part of it, and come to see what Nick and I have created. Well, what Nick has created.  We of course could not pull it off without the help from friends and family….They are really what helps this festival propel forward and work.  I worked out and my knees didn’t kill me….that is another cool thing that happened.  They are hurting now, but not too bad.  I also helped a coworker coach some 4-5 year olds in soccer, which is so funny!!! It was interesting, and their first game is tomorrow, so I’m intrigued to see how they do. It was fun. So on this beautiful day/night I’m going to post a very pretty picture which makes me think of festival season.  I can’t wait:) Enjoy!

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