They won’t see this…

I wanted to write a little note about how wonderful my Pop and Gram Little are. Yes, I designated a post to them a few months ago, but today is special….It’s their birthday!!! They were born on the same day only a year apart, and my Gram is actually older than my Pop…I didn’t tell you that…And I might be wrong…they may be 2 years apart. But who cares?! They share the same birthday.  I think that is so incredibly special.  I wish I could be there to give them hugs and kisses!!! And even though they probably won’t get to see this, I just wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of them.  I was so blessed growing up only a block away and being involved in their life so much….I only can hope that my kids (if I have any) will get to experience that. We’ll see….Anyway, I hope you all had a great Saturday.  Mine was a little emotional….silly silly. Enjoy!

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