Family time…

Tonight we met up with a family member of Nick’s who I did not even know lives in Tulsa!! Growing up in a such a large family and having lots of cousins and what not around was so much fun!! Of course, I never even knew we had more family in Tulsa, and am pleasantly surprised to have another female tied to the Bernson clan of boys in Tulsa. We went to one of my favorite restaurants in Tulsa–Kilkenny’s Irish Pub, and I had an amazing dinner.  So I’m getting the feeling we are sick of talking about festivals, and with one coming up…I’ll just fill you in on it later.  And because I had some family time tonight…I wanted to share a picture of all the cousins at Easter time.  I am so excited to be going home for Easter this year, because I haven’t been home in 5 years for this annual event! Which is my favorite holiday by the way….Has it been that long?! Don’t kill me cousins…..Enjoy!

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