It’s snowing…

Back home in PA anyway. It was a beautiful day today, and with all my crafting I feel like I accomplished something! Multitasking is my middle name for the rest of the days until Easter Island Festival. I am painting a sign and making bracelets as well as changing the husbands bandage 2 x daily and making sure he takes his medicine.  His toes are looking better, but they are still gnarly looking. He is putting weight on it more and more, but still resting every second he has.  I just want to take a second to say THANK YOU to my Dad who is picking up a lot of the slack with building and stuff for the festival. We did not expect the husband to have this accident, and with him out of commission for finishing his projects…my Dad has helped tremendously! So I am very grateful. Here is a picture of him helping us last year, and another picture of our snow so my Mom stops feeling so bad that she can’t be here. Love you Momma.

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One Response to It’s snowing…

  1. Nicholas Bernson says:

    Your dad is great!

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