This is graphic…not for the weak

Last weekend…the husband had an accident that involved a lawnmower and his right foot. Yes.  His RIGHT foot. You know…the one he uses to drive with, to play the drums with….his dominant side. We thought he lost his big toe, so we were pleasantly surprised to find out he just crushed the tips of his toes and had a nasty wound. THANK GOD!!!! It will heal in time, but for now…he is moping around and feeling sorry for himself at times….but all in all he is doing much better. It was a scary thing, and with the festival coming up…only 1 week away….it couldn’t have come at a worse time. That being said…I want to take a second and say Thank You again to the people that have stepped up to help us even before this happened.  We would not be able to have this festival without all of you.  We are doing good on volunteers, and could definitely use some more, so Nick and I don’t have to fill in on everything and can observe and manage the festival throughout the weekend. So if you know of anyone that is reliable and wants a free ticket….I will take them!!

Anyway, I know these are graphic, but they are necessary….Multiple people have been asking for an update…We posted the initial picture of his foot, and I think it is looking better. This is only day 3, and it looks even better now. This is graphic….So don’t look if you get grossed out easily!

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