Happy 3rd Anniversary

Yes….it has been 3 years already! Time flies by when you are having fun. I just want to take a second and note how much I love my husband. He is great. I have posted about this before….We have a wonderful relationship that I hope only grows and changes with time as we get older together. These past years have been great, and in reality we have been together over 5 years. I don’t know what I would do without this amazing person in my life, and as his teacher once told him….”Marriage can only work if you fall in love with eachother over and over again throughout the years.” And I so believe in that! Sure, marriage is work…and there are times when as I tell him…”I just want to punch you!!!” (It’s the red hair I tell you!) But we make it work for us. We learned in the first year…that you have to fight fair. Of course I know every little button to push on him, and he does for me as well….but you can’t go there. It is just not right, and that is a one way ticket to separationville. So that would be my one and only advice to newlyweds….fight fair. It is a valuable lesson that we had to learn the hard way.

So back to the husband. He is amazing. For our anniversary…he got me…………..


A Nikon D7000


I love him.

Here is my first picture….I was just playing around. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Happy 3rd Anniversary

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for this amazingly positive and affirming post. It is a breath of fresh air to all the jaded and negative stuff that I have seen about relationship both on and offline.
    I especially like the quote, that we need to fall in love with our partners over and over again.
    Having enjoyed a long-term marriage myself, I can attest to that fact.
    So, congratulations on you third anniversary and I wish you many, many more!
    Your Relationship Whisperer

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