Signs, Signs, everywhere the signs…

I painted all the signs for Easter Island, and am super glad that everyone liked them. I have heard nothing but good comments about the signs around the festival, and people even liked them so much….they stole some of them!! We had lots of photographers out at the festival, and I am super psyched that we got good pictures of most of my signs. With my cool signs…comes the fact that people stole some of them…along with some of our LED lights on the paths, which is not cool. But all in all, I think the festival was amazing and the people were very considerate and just good people. We gave away our lifetime tickets and the iPAD (which I wanted for myself!) as well as t-shirts and other fun stuff. I am kind of sad that not one of my co-workers got to come and see the festival, but I was pleasantly surprised to see my neighbor there.  I got to show her around and give her tour, which I never got to do last year at all. I did get to hear some of the music, and with all the help from friends and family I got to enjoy the festival this year, which I did not get to do last year. There are too many to list, but just know that all of you made this festival happen. Here a few pictures of my signs.

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