Memory Lane…

What an amazing street. It is never-ending and can bring back every kind of emotion….happy, sad, silliness, love, joy, and just about every and any adjective you can think of. I just love going there lately, and it seems a lot of you love to go there as well. I was looking through the pictures again and remembering the plays and musicals I was in. Yes….I was involved in drama in my school, and I have to say…I loved it:). Here are some pictures from a few plays I was involved with….Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat, Something’s Afoot, and Into the Woods….I was sleeping beauty in that one. I was not the only kid in drama….and if I recall my brother was more into than I was…but I will share those at a later time:). Throughout the years of my high school period I can remember being involved and seeing many of our plays and for a small school I do believe we were pretty good! It was all so much fun. So here you go…Don’t make fun of me too much!

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