Happy Birthday Nanny Maedean!

It is Nanny’s birthday today! I have had the pleasure of knowing her for almost 6 years now, and I can’t say enough about how glad I am to be a part of her family. If it wasn’t for her…I would not have my wonderful husband, and for that…I am eternally grateful! We only get to visit her once or twice a year, and I wish we could make the trip to Austin more often! We do always have a great time with her and Nick’s Aunt Kim when we visit. She is one of the tiniest women I know, and in that tiny package comes a feisty attitude and an amazing heart. I just love her! And I must say for her age, Nanny is pretty savvy on the computer….I have even chatted with her on facebook chat!! I don’t know that my Mom even knows how to do that!!! Anyway, I hope Nanny that you had a wonderful day today, and I will be sending you one of my sewing creations soon! Lots of love and hugs from Nick and I in Tulsa!!! Here is my favorite picture of Nanny. Enjoy!

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