Casino fun!

I am posting late today, because I was out with a friend to the Casino! We had a lot of fun playing blackjack, which she only learned to play tonight. Although I didn’t win money….it was still a lot of fun. For a Tuesday night it was pretty packed! I bet it is busy there all the time, because people are crazy and go every day of the week. We saw a guy with oxygen smoking a cigarette and playing slots…we saw a little old lady with a back brace cash her weekly or monthly check (who knows!) and take it all to play the slots. I don’t get it. Slots are fun, but I never win and after about 30 minutes I’m done with that….I need to get on the tables to have fun. And even though I don’t ever win on the tables either, I still have fun chitty-chatting other people and the dealers.

Anyway…on to my daily picture. Today’s picture is one that the husband loves. I took it on my walk with Molly the other day. Enjoy!

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