Sound Pony!!!

The husbands band is playing tonight at a bar called the Soundpony. It is a great little bar in Tulsa that is a hot spot for bikers….not Harley bikers-bicyclers. There is a whole group of people that ride only bikes downtown, and it’s kinda awesome! I am writing this in the middle of packing and getting ready for the night. We have a flight at 6am tomorrow, and I am trying to get everything finished, before I go out there and watch them play.

Here are some pictures from the other night when we got rained out…or should I say tornado-ed out. The band was playing on the night that the sirens went off in downtown Tulsa. It rained, and they only got to play a few songs, but it was a good time and they were sounding really good!! The stage is outside, and it was looking awesome with the lights. Enjoy!

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