A Vacation is needed…

from my vacation. It has been a great trip, but I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to see!! It was hectic and a whirl wind…sorry I missed a day yesterday. I can’t wait to get back to edit some pictures from the weekend. But I must tell you all….I did not take 1 picture this weekend. The husband took them all, and while I’m glad he got to take them all…I’m sad that I didn’t get to have some fun with the camera while I was there. Anyway, we are sitting here at the airport getting ready to fly back to Tulsa….and we will have 2 stops before we get there…I’m not a good flight booker. On top of that…I think I may have a fever! Always a good thing to have at the end of your vacation. So again I am going to keep this short and just post a recent picture of the banana. She did so well throughout the weekend with all the new people and faces. We had 94 people at my parents house for brunch on Easter Sunday. It was a lot of fun, and the egg hunt was a hit…..although it did rain intermittently throughout the day. Here is Anna. Enjoy!

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