Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I love my Mom to pieces. I think I have posted on this before. She is the most wonderful person, and I love everything about her….even her ridiculousness at times. What can I say, I have those traits as well. I love my mom because no matter where I am….if I am sick, I still want her. I love her because she still lets me lay in her lap when I get home and scratches my back endlessly without complaining.  I love her because she had all four of us kids and loves us just the same, but individually as well. I love her, because she is just like me in multitasking…..While reading I can call her name…Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mother Dearest, Mom, Mom, Mom, Sharon B….”What.”–We are not very good at it as you can tell.  I love it when she actually calls me…which is rare, because I call her almost every day.  Being the baby has its perks and its disadvantages, but my relationship with my Mom has been the best part of it. I got her all to myself at the beginning when all the other kids went to elementary school, and then again when I was in high school and they were off to college. So we have a relationship all in its own category.

She is a great sister, aunt, Godmother, cousin, mother, Mimi, and friend to many people other than me. What a wonderful person to have as a mother, and I Thank God for her and the family that I have. I do wish I could be there with her today, and take her out to eat or cook her something, because I am actually a good cook!! So, in honor of Mother’s Day…here is a small montage of my Momma!

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