My dogs swam today!

I love my babies, but they were never good swimmers, and in fact…..would never go in the water for me at all. I had to force them in the lake last year, and they both were not too sure about it. Today the husband and I took a photography trip. We got in the care and drove around Oklahoma. I love doing that. It’s kind of funny, because I remember my parents doing this when I was in high school on Sundays, and I hated it!!! I would beg them not to make me go, and they would make me do it anyway. It’s so funny how much you really end up like your parents……eww, I didn’t just say that, did I!?! I’m kidding…I like those kinds of days with Nick, and we had a lot of fun today. We just got in the car and drove around…finding random spots to take pictures and have an adventure. We went to a place called Blue Hole, which is a spring fed swimming hole that reminds me of the creeks and lakes back home in PA. It was beautiful. Most of the lakes here in Oklahoma are man-made and really gross….no offense native Oklahomans. Growing up with Ganoga lake at my disposal has definitely spoiled me rotten. This swimming hole is so pretty, and the water felt so nice. I didn’t swim, but we did walked in the water and the dogs came in as well!!! I was so excited that they did it without me pulling them in. They have an aversion to dirty Oklahoma lake/pond water, but nice spring water is worthy of them swimming in it. So here are a few pictures from our little adventure today. Enjoy!

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