Tomorrow is….

an Anna day!! So in celebration of that…I will post another picture of that crazy baby. I am seriously contemplating doing the vegetarian or flexitarian thing…We will have to see, and of course all of you who read my posts will hear about it!! Thank God monday is over with….it wasn’t particularly a great one for me. But life goes on…Enjoy this silly baby!

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or Vegetarian….I have been reading up on the topic and lifestyle lately and I am intrigued by it. Don’t get me wrong…I love meat. I love chicken, red meat, and eggs!! mmm I love eggs, but I have been reading about my blood type and how we as individual blood types should be eating a certain type of food. I don’t know what I think about it, but it is definitely interesting. If you want to look into this as well go to this website and read up on the topic….I have a feeling the husband won’t be very excited about this new interest…but we really need to change our eating habits, and this might just be something to look into.

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New addiction…

Words with friends!! I just discovered how to work with it, and I can not stop!! I was finding myself during my potty breaks at work, getting on my phone and playing! I am totally awful, but I love it! Technology is so amazing…I was playing 3 games throughout the weekend….craziness. I haven’t seen my girl since last week, and I’m going through withdrawals….So I’ll get back to my games, and give you yet another beautiful picture of this silly girl! I hope you all had a great weekend…it’s cold here.

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Etsy, Etsy, Etsy

I could look on this site forever!!! I think I have posted about this before, and let you all know that I LOVE ETSY!!!!! This shop is cute, and with my addiction to jewelry, it only adds fuel to my fire. Now, a lot of the pieces are religious, but a lot of them are not. Take some time and look at this shop and the fun finds within!!

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Another one…

from driving around the other day. I came across this cute little bridge in Collinsville that reminded me of back home in PA. I just loved this metal bridge. It was back to work today for me, so I’ll keep this short…because of course it is the weekend and that means more work. I hope you have a great weekend planned for yourselves, and that the weather cooperates!!

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We were driving around and found this interesting building. I just thought it was amazing how the vines grew on it. I love brick buildings and when it has ivy growing or some other vegetation growing on it, I think it only makes it look better!

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A Vacation is needed…

from my vacation. It has been a great trip, but I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to see!! It was hectic and a whirl wind…sorry I missed a day yesterday. I can’t wait to get back to edit some pictures from the weekend. But I must tell you all….I did not take 1 picture this weekend. The husband took them all, and while I’m glad he got to take them all…I’m sad that I didn’t get to have some fun with the camera while I was there. Anyway, we are sitting here at the airport getting ready to fly back to Tulsa….and we will have 2 stops before we get there…I’m not a good flight booker. On top of that…I think I may have a fever! Always a good thing to have at the end of your vacation. So again I am going to keep this short and just post a recent picture of the banana. She did so well throughout the weekend with all the new people and faces. We had 94 people at my parents house for brunch on Easter Sunday. It was a lot of fun, and the egg hunt was a hit…..although it did rain intermittently throughout the day. Here is Anna. Enjoy!

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Family time is crazy

Seriously. It has been a whirlwind of a weekend, and I have to say it has been fun! I am sad to see Max a million and Drew bug go back to Pittsburgh, but I will get to see them again this summer. That’s what I have to keep telling myself, because I just love those boys to pieces!!! I’m sure everyone has had an eventful weekend, so I don’t have to say how crazy mine has been. I will send you off with another picture of Anna, because I haven’t had time to edit any from this weekend as of yet. Love this picture. Enjoy!

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Family fun!

We are now in full prep for Easter festivities and fun. Mimi is having a blast with all her grandkids here, and not to mention her normal kids. We are visiting with family throughout the day, and it is a lot of fun! My nephew Andrew is sitting next to me, and helping write this very blog entry. He is waiting patiently to play some games on Aunt Kelly’s computer—how cute!! So I will keep it short today, and just post some pictures of past Easter celebrations and fun. Enjoy!

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We are here!!

Back home in PA. It was a crazy night, and we didn’t sleep but on the plane. Yes, I am serious. Nick’s show last night was a good one, and we didn’t get home until 3am. We then packed and went straight to the airport. Craziness!!!! I am super tired, but ready to go out tonight with family and friends. It is now naptime… here is another picture of that beautiful baby. I hopefully will get to see my new nephew soon and hug/squeeze him!!!!! Enjoy.

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