Happy Halloween!!

This is one of my favorite holidays, because I love to think of a costume and dress up. I am such a people watcher, and it is so interesting the kinds of costumes people come up with.  Last night my husband’s band had a show at a local bar, and we had a great time! I am now just going through some pictures that I took myself…me! Only because he was playing the drums and couldn’t take pictures at the same time!! kidding….

So now we are sitting and awaiting the few anticipated trick or treaters that will hopefully come by to take all the candy out of this house! This is our first year at this house for Halloween. Even though we have lived in this house now through 3 Hallows Eve’s….we have never stayed at our own house to hand out candy. Our first year we went to my sister’s house, because they have more kids in their neighborhood that we do. And last year we drove across the country to go see Phish at festival 8 and celebrated there! I was Octomom!! It was a great costume, and I don’t think anything can really outdo that experience! But nonetheless we are here at last in our own home and awaiting the kids…I love having Sunday’s off from work!

Here are some pictures from last night…Enjoy!

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